We run your direct-to-fan campaign.

The era of multi-million dollar advances and multi-platinum record sales is long-gone for most bands, and not much has replaced it.

Track Team is a new company committed to finding new revenue opportunities for artists by tapping into the hearts and wallets of true fans. We’re doing it by building a marketplace for bands and project directors to team up together to run direct-to-fan sales campaigns.

How Track Team Works

An artist brings their upcoming release to Track Team.
We match the artist to a Project Director from our network of expert digital marketers.
Together, we build a direct-to-fan ecommerce campaign to serve your superfans.
We launch in sync with your release, and everyone shares in found money!


At LocoL, we’re trying to revolutionize so many lanes of the food world. Track Team is our online comrade in arms. They have their technical chops up the yin yang. But what really stands out is that they took ownership and became one with our vision and success. We work hard on our craft and might get a bit of respect for it, but it’s hard to pay the rent or soar with only respect. Which is why I love what Track Team is doing. These guys came in and built an online business we knew we had but didn't know how to fully actualize. They are technicians, but what really stands them apart is that they really get the human element of it all. That flavor, if you will. We got it in the kitchen, but Track Team’s got it on the internet. – Roy Choi, Chef and Creator of LocoL

My career as an artist has spanned over 20+ years across 3 decades and I’ve seen the music industry transform. I was early to the direct-to-fan game, and Track Team’s vision is the first that really makes sense to me. I've done multiple crowdfunding campaigns, but Track Team help me take my game to the next level on my latest project, a greatest hits album, "Now Look What You've Done, Lyrics Born." I used to have random interactions with my fans, but Track Team helped me create a relationship with my best fans as partners in my career. I haven’t said this in a minute, but I’m actually optimistic about the music industry... – Lyrics Born, Bay Area Rapper

“I’m an amazing artist with a super passionate fan base, and I want to run a campaign.”
“I’m a digital media genius who loves music, and I want to help an artist on a campaign.”

About Us

Track Team was founded by Bryan Kim and Aston Motes, two digital natives with a love of music and strong backgrouns in technology as well. Bryan was the second hire at Ustream and a founding member of Y Combinator-backed Tracksby. He’s directed first-of-their-kind digital campaigns for top acts like Taylor Swift, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Jurassic 5, Far East Movement and many others. Aston was the first employee at Dropbox, where he built out Dropbox.com as well as the developer API. He’s also a life-long musician, having played as a drummer in punk rock, jazz and indie bands.